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We are equipped with an updated technical knowledge to serve our
customers properly. Our method of application maintains the industry.

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We are equipped with an updated technical knowledge to serve our customers
properly. Our method of application maintains the industry. Discuss Your Project

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We Are Trusted Our Customers
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We Are Trusted Our Customers
About us

We are here to provide IT Solutions with Over 27 years of experience

Whether it's Software Development, Malware Removal, Network Infrastructure, Cybersecurity, Cloud Computing, Hardware Repair, Data Recovery, ransomware, or any other aspect of IT, Computer Guys extensive experience can greatly benefit your business.
Computer Guys Services can plan, staff, deliver, and manage your toughest technical projects and programs. You can enjoy complete, dedicated teams or scale your existing teams with the specific technical expertise needed. With Computer Guys, you get the right people, on-demand, thanks to the quality, speed, and cost efficiency of our Talent team members.

If you have any specific questions, need advice, or want to discuss any IT-related topics, feel free to contact us! With our friendly staff, we love to answer your questions.

Why Computer Guys
We deal with the aspects of Professional IT Services
Comprehensive Services

Computer Guys Brings a wide range of services, from simple repair, and software development to cybersecurity, Data Recovery, and hardware repair.

Quality Assurance

Computer Guys commitment to quality control and built on long-term partnerships, which means that we want to earn your trust and keep it to receive solutions that meet high standards.

Technical Expertise

Computer Guys ability to provide dedicated development teams with specialized experts through the Talent remote cloud ensures that clients receive the exact technical skills they need for their projects.

About us

Meet our Leadership

The positive distinction within the World Inspiring of Success and Connections of People and Organizations.

IT Support Manager


IT Support Manager


Graphic Artist


Web Developer


Graphic Designer

We Provide Outsourced IT Services
For Small & Mid-Sized Business

Appropriate for your specific business, making it easy for
you to have quality IT services. What We Do
Our Services

We run all kinds of services in the form of
Information & Technologies


Our Network Engineering will design, build, and secure your network without sacrificing performance

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We Support your daily IT operations on 24/7 basis and practice active monitoring on a 12/5 basis

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Don’t put your business in risk by neglecting your operating and historic data safety!

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Take advantage of latest technology for online backup and storage that fits your needs and grows with you

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how it work
Check Out Our Work Process


Issue Identification

This is the initial step where end-users or employees of the organization report technical problems or issues they are facing. These issues can range from hardware malfunctions to software glitches or connectivity problems.


Issue Logging

The reported issues are logged into a tracking system or helpdesk software. Each issue is assigned a unique ticket number for reference. This system helps in organizing and prioritizing support requests.


Issue Triage and Prioritization

IT support personnel assess the reported issues and prioritize them based on their severity and impact on business operations. Critical issues that affect productivity may receive higher priority.


Issue Resolution & Communication

Once the issues are prioritized, IT support professionals work on resolving them. This may involve troubleshooting, diagnosing the problem, and applying solutions. For some issues, remote assistance can be provided, while others may require on-site support.



If an issue cannot be resolved at the initial support level, it may be escalated to a higher-tier support team with more specialized knowledge and resources.

We Make Connections
You Can Trust

Computer Guys offers a wide range of computer repair services, including virus removal, data recovery, and hardware repair.

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